Women across the US are breaking their silence about being harassed sexually at their places of work. While celebrities have been among the most visible faces of the “Me, Too” and “Time's Up” movements, the reality is that low-income workers, immigrants, women of color, and trans and gender non-conforming women are extremely vulnerable to harassment and discrimination.

Sexual abuse thrives in service and low-wage sectors where customers as well as employers take advantage of their power and workers can’t afford to risk their employment. Between 70 and 90 percent of restaurant workers have experienced sexual harassment. Over half of that harassment comes from customers.

In small cities and small workplaces, people can feel weak and isolated, unable to stand up and speak out against their harassers because they aren’t sure if anyone will have their back. Finger Lakes Against Sexual Harassment is committed to building solidarity and community power so that those who speak out against sexual harassment and discrimination in their workplace can be confident that they will be heard, that they are not alone.

Please join our united grassroots network of customers, community members, workers, and neighbors who can be counted on to support and defend workers who report harassment and discrimination in their workplace. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is needed.

You can sign up according to the level of involvement that best fits with your time and energy. Supporters will be counted and kept in the loop, but not called on for further involvement. Activists will be called on when needed to demonstrate solidarity. Organizers will participate in planning responses to reports of harassment.

Together we are strong. Together we can create a community where no one has to encounter sexual harassment and discrimination at work. Together we can wipe abuse out of our workplaces with a


Please let us know how you want to be involved by choosing one of the following:
I stand by behind ending harassment and discrimination in the Finger Lakes.

Call me when you need me; I want to help.

I’m all in and want to help.